Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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1.    Who will be doing my job?

2.     What type of probe do you have?

3.    What is your probe availability? When can I go?

4.    What do I have to do to get the job ready?

5.    What states do you service and where is your office located?

6.    How far out are you usually booked?

7.    What surface conditions can you probe?

8.    Can you do angle borings?

9.     How long before I receive an estimate back on a job?

10.    Do you bill your rigs out on a daily, hourly or on a footage basis?

 Question: Who will be doing my job?

Answer: You will receive the highest quality service every time you use Tiger Probe because Tim Setty, president of Tiger Probe, will be operating the probe on every job.  Tim has over 17 years of experience operating a Geoprobe®.  Tim maintains the following certifications:

- 40 Hour OSHA HAZWOPER Training
    - State of Indiana Water Well Driller's License (#1788)
    - 16 Hour Confined Space Safety Training
    - Certified UST Installer
    - 36 Hour OPMA UST Certification Course
    - 8 Hour Supervisor Training

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 Question: What type of probe do you have?

Answer: We have a Geoprobe® 5400 unit. We also have a Model 54LT Track-Mounted unit.

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 Question: What is your probe availability? When can I go?

Answer: Our probe unit is assigned according to a first come, first served basis in general. However, many exceptions to this rule do exist such as the type of job, location of the job, availability in the schedule, etc.
As a general rule, when you call your job is scheduled tentatively for the next available slot which meets all of the job requirements as discussed above. The job will not be scheduled permanently until you definitively commit to a go. If you need to, or would like to go sooner than the date assigned, let your contact know and we will attempt to move it up in the schedule based on cancellations which may arise. Although we cannot guarantee that you will move up in the schedule, we will make every attempt to meet your schedule needs.
Along those lines, it is paramount that you inform us as soon a job’s status changes so that we can make changes in the schedule and allow others to take your spot should your job fall through or be postponed. The key to good scheduling is communication between you and your representative.

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 Question: What do I have to do to get the job ready for geoprobing?

Answer: Although Tiger Probe makes every attempt to limit the amount of preparation you must put into a geoprobe job, some basic information and preparation still must be provided by you. This includes the following:

       Obtain site access from the client or the business we will be investigating.
       Send us complete information on the job (number of borings)
       Inform us of any unsual conditions to prepare for before arriving on site.
       Provide site and street maps of the area with directions to the site and the meet point.
       Specify Meet time for the crews and provide the name of the consultant or field technician meeting and directing the crew on site.
       Provide the fax number and/or a mobile phone number of the consultant or field technician meeting the crew in the event problems arise

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 Question: What states do you service and where are your office located?

Answer: Tiger Probe services all of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. Special arrangements can be made for large jobs (3 or more days) in other states including Michigan, Tennessee, Illinois, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland. 
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 Question: How far out are you usually booked?

Answer: Our probe schedules range from 5 days to three weeks depending upon the time of year and the rig type. Typically, most jobs can be booked within 7 to 10 days. 

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 Question: What Surface conditions can you probe?

Answer: We can drill on or through virtually any surface conditions. These include mud, ice, snow, water, asphalt, concrete (with coring).

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 Question: Can you do angle borings?

Answer: Yes. Our Geoprobe® unit can probe on an angle of up to 45 degrees.

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 Question: How long before I receive an estimate back on a job?

Answer: We attempt to generate estimates on the same day.  You will definitely have your estimate in your email or fax machine by the start of the next business day.  It is easiest to reach us by using our eQuote service. Please provide as much information about the project as you can.

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 Question: How do you bill for your probe services?

Answer: In most cases we bill our probes out on a daily rate however we are flexible and can bill according to client preference whether by hourly, footage or lump sum.

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Get a competitive online estimate using our eQuote estimate service or contact us via email at or at (937)477-5698.

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