About Us

Tiger Probe owns and operates a hydraulically powered Model 5400 Geoprobe® direct-push system mounted on a 4WD pickup that is designed to rapidly and economically obtain soil, water and vapor samples from subsurface soils. The probe is equipped with various types of sampling tools which allows for the collection of a large number of data points in varying subsurface conditions. We also have a Model 54LT Track-Mounted Geoprobe® unit availble for jobs with overhead obstructions or difficult terrain.

At Tiger Probe, we are committed to providing the highest quality services that only an owner/operated company can provide.  


• Truck-Mounted and Track-Mounted Geoprobe® Units Available.

• Tiger Probe maintains general liability and contractor pollution impairment liability and worker's compensation.


You will receive the highest quality service every time you use Tiger Probe because Tim Setty, president of Tiger Probe, will be operating the probe on every job.  Tim has over 22 years of experience in the environmental service industry and over 17 years of experience operating a Geoprobe®.  Tim maintains the following certifications:

- 40 Hour OSHA HAZWOPER Training
    - State of Indiana Water Well Driller's License (#1788).
    - 16 Hour Confined Space Safety Training
    - Certified UST Installer
    - 36 Hour OPMA UST Certification Course
    - 8 Hour Supervisor Training

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